Water manipulation
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A wave
Some attributes
First The ability to manipulate water
Second Rare
Third One of the four elemental manipulations
Other attributes

This is the ability to manipulate water. Water manipulation isn't as easy as people make it sound but with enough training you'll get there. One with this ability to a lower extent can probably move water around in a bowl. One with this to a higher extent can create huge waves or possibly Tsunami (although getting to that level may take some time )




​Moving WaterEdit

First what you wanna do is get a medium-sized bowl. Then feel the water. All its healing properties, how it moves, etc. Then what your going to try to do is mimic these properties with your energy. Then when your ready put your energy into the bowl full of water and put something that floats in the water on the water like a straw or something.then visualize your energy acting like water and spinning around the bowl. But visualize the water following the energy (sorta like aerokinesis.) When you see the item of choice moving, try to keep it moving. Stay focused.

Making wavesEdit

First make your energy mimic the water like above. Then put your energy in the water, but string of energy attached to your finger, connected to the energy. Then try to pull the energy (and water) then create a small wave or push it. Just pulling it (bringing the water to you) and pushing it upwards basically (creating the wave) and actually see the wave. This is best done in a small pool or a lake that's not moving.

Energy RushEdit

This is rushing alot of water energy into your dan tien and you feel alt more energized. In a way this is absorbing water energy.first take a shower. Feel all the water going in your skin, to your dan tien. You might feel abit weird. At first but it gets cool afterwards. Then try to do this in a pool woth all your body and bigger water sources. You can then use this energy as it was chi or psi.

Lifting water.Edit

First get a cup and fill it with water. Do the water mimicing technique from the first exercise and put your energy in the water, then make the threads of energy (second exercise [ I'm gonna just say do a 1&2 or just a 1 from now on) then try to visualize the energy surrounding the water. Visualize the cylinder getting slimmer. Then try to pick up the cylinder and visualize the water in the emergy being picked up with it. When you can fully do this try to make a mini water ball or a thicker cylinder.

Hydrokinesis - Demonstration by Energy Master

Hydrokinesis - Demonstration by Energy Master

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